How do you predict a football score correct?

A correct score prediction, also known as exact score tips, is relatively the most difficult bet to play because you are expected to give the final score of a football game before the regulation time is reached. Bookmakers come up with a range of odds on many of the most common scores in a football match before the game gets started. For instance, like we normally do, offer a 100% correct score prediction that says Real Madrid will beat Barcelona 2-0 after 90 minutes plus stoppage time. This simply means that any other result aside from the one we have earlier given between the two Spanish giants will come as a loss on your betting ticket. 

Accurately forecasting the exact final score between two clubs, either locally or internationally, in a football match is what we always do at every day a year. You might want to ask how we have successfully been achieving this. It is quite simple – we make use of our own analysis together with the support of mathematical algorithms in ensuring that we have a success rate of averagely above 85% on every free football correct score tip we offer our dedicated site users.

Few Important Things We Pay Attention to before Coming Up with a Free Correct Score Tips are:

  • Present Form of both teams,
  • Defensive and Attacking Statistics concerned with the two clubs
  • The Probability of the exact scoreline.  

How Much Do You Know About the Different Kinds of Correct Score Tips Offers Those that Constantly Check the Site Out

The 100% correct score prediction tips our team of professionals consistently come up with are not the same thing – they come in different types. Each of them has its own rules and demands surrounding them. Their respective uniqueness is given below:

  • Full Time: every punter loves to go with this one because it has the highest possible price return, among others.
  • Half Time and Full Time: these two options can be separately bet on, but the potential reward is not as high as if you combine them as a single bet.
  • Scorecast: here, you are required to bet on the goal-scoring outcomes that occur at any time or the earlier start of a football match.
  • Extra Time: ideally, the actual bet outcome of a particular football match after normal regulation time doesn’t always count (be it penalty shootout or extra time result), but is among the very few betting tips websites that forecast core score outcomes when extra time is used.


What is preventing you from being part of those that constantly enjoy our 100% correct score prediction tips? You are definitely on the losing end if you haven’t tried to benefit from the big odds that come from the football correct score tips we daily and weekly drop on the internet. One thing is for sure, we have always made use of every football-related expertise we have, and our deep knowledge of this segment of the industry has been helping us in providing our devoted site users with the most trusted betting tips and predictions.   

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