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Essentials required to bring the best out of sure bets

Sure bets, also commonly known as arbitrage bets, are a category of betting kinds that give out certain profits when an individual places bets on every possible result of an event. In other words, you can place one bet per each result with different bookmakers for a certain football match or any sporting event with this particular betting option. With sure betting, you are opened to many staking combinations. One important advantage of sure betting is that it enables punters to boost their chance of winning a bet with no risk whatsoever.

The necessary steps on how to place a sure bet

The highest available odds are always found at the outcome columns. Every individual is expected to make use of the filters to customize their sure bets page. During the customization, you are to choose your preferred bookmakers, the number of outcomes required to place a bet, days interval, percentage levels just to mention a few of them. The calculator in the sure betting segment will come handy in helping you automatically calculate the stakes required at the different outcomes of the event after you might have entered the amount you want to use to place your bet. In addition, you won’t necessarily need to reselect your filter settings after logging-in because the changes would have been saved to your account.

Sure bets
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The idea way to calculate sure bets

The simplest and the best tool for calculating this particular type of bet is by using a dedicated calculator. After you might have found an appropriate event that comprises odds payouts that are beyond 100% during the course of discovery from more than one bookmaker. You are expected to separate your bet equally to guarantee a profit.

Sure bets

Below is an illustration of how an individual can accurately split their bet proportionally in a sure bet scenario: for instance, let’s make use of a 1×2 market for the community game involving Arsenal and Liverpool with a stake of $200. The formula that can be used to calculate this is:

(1/Arsenal odds) + (1/Draw odds) + (1/Liverpool odds) < 1

The above equation must have to come true after implementation before we can categorically say we have a sure bet.

We have provided below an example of how an investment is spent on the game between Arsenal and Liverpool in three different bookmakers’ sites to arrive at a sure bet.

  • 1 (Arsenal) @8.00 (Bookmaker “X”)
  • X (Draw) @5.30 (Bookmaker “Y”) .2+ .16
  • 2 (Liverpool) @1.50 (Bookmaker “Z”)

(1/8.00) + (1/5.30) + (1/1.50) = 0.125 + 0.188 + 0.667 = 0.98 which is < 2% less than 1

Below is how the money is split to make a sure bet:

  • 1 (Arsenal) @8.00 (Bookmaker “X”)  x 25.50$ = 204$
  • X (Draw) @5.30 (Bookmaker “Y”)     x 38.49$ = 204$
  • 2 (Liverpool) @1.50 (Bookmaker “Z”)  x 136.00$ = 204$

From the above expression, it appears that the three outcomes will guarantee a $204 return from our $200.

We are closer to you than you think if you need further assistance (or explanations) on how to successfully handle sure bets

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