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Soccer betting has two clear goals. The first is fun and the second is profit. While there is nothing like the thrill of raking in profits, the excitement of winning every time you place a bet is a unique experience. It is possible to achieve this only with the help of professional soccer predictions. And this requires you to rely on the predictions and tips from the best football predictions site.
We provide you withaccurate soccer tips on a wide range of betting markets relevant to a given match. You can choose which market to wager on and ensure a sure win. They provide you with an easy-to-use interface to readily find markets of your interest and place your bets with ease.
We providefootball predictions for weekend matches for leagues from all around the world. This includes popular leagues like EPL, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Portuguese Primeira Liga, Major League Soccer, and French Ligue 1 among others. This also includes J1 League, Chinese Super League, Eredivisie, Segunda Division, Allsvenskan, South American leagues, and African leagues among others.At 7M, our soccer prediction for today is based on the most important factors, stats, and trends. We are focused on helping you generate profits on a consistent basis. You will be making profits at the end of every month and season.
As a bettor, it is important for you to understand the basics before being able to bet and sure win regularly. Betting on football is neither a simple or risk-free task as most fans think. It requires lots of knowledge, experience, and expert analysis. So it is best to let the tipsters at 7M help you with the predictions so that you can record consistent winnings and profits.

Which Is The Best football Predictions Site For Fixed Matches?

If you can identify fixed matches, it is possible to grab opportunities for some big profits. This is where 7M can help you with fixed matches predictions including todays football prediction, tomorrow’s, and weekend predictions. So how do you identify such matches? While our tipsters have insider access and other sources to tell such matches, the following tips should help you find such opportunities:
  • i. Irregularity in Pre-Match Odds

    When you look at the betting odds, they provide you a sign of whether the money is being wagered on. When bettors ‘buy’ a market’s odds, it will adjust accordingly. So when the demand for a particular market odds increases, the odds will go down.

    But how will you be able to spot fixed matches? When betting odds are seen as a sign of demand and supply, it is possible to use them as the parameter to tell the potential outcome. When the demand for odds on a specific outcome becomes abnormally big, it is almost a clear sign that the outcome is fixed.

    If you want to make the most of fixed match todays football prediction, it is recommended to look at the lesser-known leagues. In such games, the markets show lots of movement. There is a higher chance of fixing because of the smaller financials of the clubs.

    Similarly, you should also keep the following movements in mind:
    • If the odds of a draw fall drastically before the match kicks-off, it means that a large sum has been bet on a draw
    • If the drop in odds is small, it is least likely to be a fixed match. In such a case, a weather forecast or the outcome of another match may be the influencing factor.
    Our tipsters have the experience and resources required to make such sure win soccer predictions. A huge drop in odds for draw can be a sign of a fixed match. The tradition of clubs helping each other in certain leagues, especially towards the end of the season is also an example. Similarly, irregular in-play odds can also be signs of such opportunities.
  • ii. Irregular Team Performances

    Any dramatic deviations in the performance of a club can also be a sign of a fixed match. Our experts can spot such matches and provide accurate football predictions of today. While it is normal for a team or key players to perform poorly once in a while, if you come across matches where the performances are surprising, you may have spotted a fixed match.

    It is possible to make such predictions especially when the star players and goalkeepers are seen not performing to their skills or making major follies. Key players can be found keeping their performances below their normal levels.

    There are many more signs that can tell you a fixed match. Examples include irregularities in officiating and the results.

How To Get Correct football Predictions?

When you can find correct score predictions, it is possible to win consistently. At 7M, we make it possible for you to get winsure betting tips and predictions based on relevant statistics. Our team of experienced tipsters has access to all such information. We analyze the stats to create accurate and reliable predictions for you to win every time you place a bet on a soccer event. It is recommended to follow these tips to create your own correct football predictions for tomorrow, today, and weekend matches:
  • Find the Opportunities: Start by choosing a soccer league that makes the most sense for you. Shortlist a few matches that you may want to bet on in a given week. Look at the top 5 clubs in the league score table. Once you have identified the league and clubs, you can search for the relevant stats for analysis.
  • Bet on the Best Team: Another way to make 100% sure football predictions is to bet on the best team from your selection. Check the head-to-head record stats for each set of clubs. Also check stats like matches won at home and away, goals scored per match, and goals scored against specific opponents per match to determine the best team to bet on.
  • Follow the Best Odds: Another important element of finding correct soccer predictions is to find the best odds. Look for betting odds at different bookies. You should then choose the odds that are perfect for your needs. The right odds can have a huge influence on successful football betting.
We at 7M make the task much easier for you by providing you with verified tips and predictions from experienced and successful tipsters.

Which Site Has The Best Football Predictions?

If you are looking for a website with the best soccer prediction for today, tomorrow, and weekend matches, you have come to the right place. At 7M, we bring you winning predictions based on the evaluation of all the key factors. We predict the outcomes of different betting markets based on statistics, factors, and trends. This includes the following factors:
  • Head-to-Head Stats: We evaluate head-to-head match statistics between the two sides to determine what the potential outcome is going to be. It is interesting that many teams have a long history of consistency in their match outcomes, no matter how their players, managers, and coaches have changed over the years. Our tipsters identify such trends and include them in our analysis before making the predictions.
  • Current Forms: Current form of both the key players and the team as a whole matter a lot when it comes to predicting the outcome of a match. Teams and players can form habits of winning or losing. One side may have a striker who is in form and full of confidence. It is highly likely that they will continue their scoring streak in the coming match. Similarly, if a particular team has won all its past 5 to 10 matches, even those against stronger sides, you can consider betting on them.
  • Home Advantage: A team playing on its home field is less tired, plays in a familiar environment, has a favorable crowd, and many other factors in its advantage. All this works in its favor and gives it an edge, howsoever small it may be. So we also take home and away matches into account when creating our predictions.
  • Team Quality: While other factors can have relatively short-term impact on the performance of a team, the technical quality of a side is an important factor. A team that is far stronger and has an excellent record is more likely to win against a weaker side.
  • Motivation: A club playing to fight off relegation or get promoted to the higher level league is going to be more motivated than a side that is in the middle of the table or has already secured its position on the league leader board. So we also take into account how motivated a side is to win an upcoming match.
Some of the other factors evaluated by our team of experts include team news, the experience and track record of the managers, and team schedule among others.

What Is 1x2 Football Prediction?

The 1X2 betting tips is one of the simplest of betting markets in football. You can find all types of betting market predictions on 7M, including the soccer predictions 1x2.

The 1X2 bet is often considered the most popular market. You will be betting on the outcome of a game. There are 3 options including the Home, Away and Draw. You will be placing your bet on one team winning or on a draw. The three results are also represented by 1, 2, and X. This market is also referred as Match Betting, Full-Time Result, and Three-Way Bet. We make it easy for you to win these bets with our soccer predictions 1x2.

Which Site Gives The Best Football Prediction?

You can find the best football predictions for tomorrow or today matches on a site that has a team of experienced tipsters and takes all the key factors into account. Our community of experts is listed and ranked based on their performance. Each tipster is ranked based on the following stats:
  • Number of tips in a given period
  • Hits percentage
  • Wins, pushes and fails
  • Profits
  • ROI percentage
This allows you to choose a tipster base on their real performance stats. When you choose tips from our experts, it helps in increasing your chances of winning.

Who Is The Best Football Tipster?

As already mentioned, we list the best soccer tipsters based on their consistent performance. We periodically update our list of the top tipsters based on changes in the performances of not just their football 1x2 predictions, but also their tips for other betting markets.Every time out tipsters release a prediction or tip, it is verified by our team of experts. So there is no single tipster who can be considered the best. Our list keeps getting updated from time to time and you can trust the predictions from the top names in our list.

Accurate Football Prediction Website For Tomorrow

If you are looking for accurate football predictions for tomorrow matches, you will again find all the help here on 7M. We bring you predictions for big odds that have very high levels of accuracy. Our average hit rate is close to 90%, which gives you a clear picture of how consistently you can win.
Every day we analyze dozens of leagues from all around the world. We provide tips and predictions for all the popular and lesser-followed markets. We bring you winning soccer tips for today, tomorrow, and weekend matches. You will learn about the teams which are in peak form and which ones to place your bets on.

100% Sure Win Football Predictions

There are very few places where you can find 100% sure football predictions. We provide real sure-win predictions for you to make consistent profits. Our tips and predictions come with the guarantee of success.Our team of experienced tipsters has access to vast resources and insider information. We conduct in-depth research and analysis before coming up with 100% sure football predictions to help you win. Whichever league you are interested in, we assist you in winning and making profits every month and every season.
Football Prediction for Weekend Games

We make football predictions of today, tomorrow, and weekend matches for all the major and minor leagues. We provide weekend tips and predictions for all types of betting markets including the following:
  • Straight Up
  • Double Chance
  • Spread Bet
  • Draw No Bet
  • Correct Score Bet
  • Corners
  • Cards
  • Goalscorer Bets
  • Accumulator bets

And more.

Football Predictions for Saturday And Sunday Games

We bring predictions for all Saturday and Sunday matches from different leagues. You can find football 1x2 predictions, correct score tips, and probabilities for over/under 2.5 goals, and other markets. We generate our predictions every Monday and update them daily. New matches get added and we showcase the completed match results along the way.So if you are looking for football predictions to win consistently, choose 7M. We bring you verified tips and predictions from the experienced tipsters. You can find tips for all the popular leagues and even the lesser-known leagues and tournaments from around the world.


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