Soccer betting is one of the best forms of betting that is available. In fact, the fast-paced action makes it an ideal sport for betting. 7M Prediction and tips that are given out by tipster websites like, 7m.tips, help the punters in a big way to win the bets that they place a stake on.

29th September 02:00 GMT

MVV Maastricht-ADO Den HaagEerste Divisie

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29th September 09:00 GMT

Petone-Cashmere TechnicalNational League Championship

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29th September 12:30 GMT

RB Leipzig-SGS EssenFrauen-Bundesliga

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29th September 07:30 GMT

FC Kolkheti Khobi-Merani MartviliErovnuli Liga 2

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29th September 01:00 GMT

Hilleroed-AC Horsens1. Division

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29th September 06:00 GMT

Yokohama F.Marinos-Vissel KobeJ. League

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Most Reliable 7M Soccer Prediction Today

Tipsters form an invaluable part of betting and this is even more required in soccer betting because of the vast data that needs to be analyzed and reviewed. The paucity of time, other pressing engagements, jobs etc., are some reasons why punters are mostly unable to do statistically analyze the data themselves.

7M Prediction Tips

It should also be noted here that the availability of a large pool of data on the teams participating in an upcoming soccer match is also a matter of great difficulty. For tipster websites like 7m.tips, gathering and keeping such information is easy since it is their profession, they are dedicated to it, they are willing to work on it and they have the required channels through which they are able to get information; classified, sensitive or otherwise.

This makes it easier for these tipster websites to come up with expert tips and predictions. Punters registered with them are able to take advantage of the same and ensure that they are able to win consistently and also win big at the same time. Tipster websites like 7m.tips also provide prediction(7m predicton) for all different types of bets that can be placed as well as for soccer games.

7M Soccer Betting Predictions
100% Sure Win Betting Tips

7M Sport Prediction

In order to be able to get the tips for upcoming matches, it is important to select a good tipster website. This selection can be done based on certain factors. These factors include both experience and expertise. It would not be wrong to say that in soccer betting expertise can only be got from experience. In fact, if a tipster website like 7m.tips has been in the business for a long time, it shows that they are reliable and dependable.

The availability of their profit and loss statement along with the critical review of past soccer predictions made vis-à-vis the results obtained; help make punters understand the genuineness, honesty, sincerity and dedication of the tipster website, like 7m. While it is easy to say that one should be wary of fraudulent tipster websites, understanding the same can prove to be a bit tricky. Customer reviews, word of mouth publicity etc., help to make sure that the tipster website that the punters are thinking of partnering with are safe, secure and authenticated websites.

7M Prediction Bet

There are several different types of bets that can be placed in soccer betting. Of these, some are based primarily on the goals that get scored and who scores them others to the team related performance. With so many different betting options to choose from achieving this task without the help of a tipster website like 7m is extremely difficult. Some of the important sports bets that can be staked upon are three-way money lines, double chance, draw no bet, over and under goals and corners, halftime/fulltime bets etc.

There are two ways in which these bets can be made; either singly or by clubbing together a few bets to form a combination or accumulator bet. The amount of money that one stands to win is definitely higher in accumulator bets. But where there is a higher amount of money involved, the risks present are also quite high. Accumulator bets can only be won when a punter wins all its component bets individually.

Else the punter will have to forego a lot of money. In case of a single bet, the chance of a win is high but winning a huge amount is a distant probability. Thus in case of single bets risks are lower and so are the risks involved.

Top Rated Recommended Tipsters

1. RYOSUKE KONDO 5477 2.15 81.39% 4458 154 776 +43,487.60 79.40%
2. MANFRED AÌŠBERG 5196 2.15 82.02% 4262 127 739 +40,940.96 78.79%
3. FINN BADER 5629 2.15 83.76% 4715 141 718 +218,687.63 388.50%
4. KLAUS SZABO 6157 2.15 82.26% 5065 171 839 +49,690.66 80.71%
5. ALEX COOK 6653 2.16 85.48% 5687 155 756 +214,739.68 322.77%
6. KENJIRO 3792 2.12 82.54% 3130 108 503 +29,864.35 78.76%
7. YASUHIRO 5897 2.16 80.75% 4762 156 886 +46,204.53 78.35%
8. EMRAN RAO NAYAR 5928 2.16 84.28% 4996 172 697 +210,017.95 354.28%
9. JEREMY SMITH 3759 2.12 82.58% 3104 105 509 +29,488.37 78.45%
10. PETE BAILEY 7008 2.16 81.85% 5736 208 973 +56,483.90 80.60%

Types of 7M Soccer Predictions

Tipster websites like 7M offer different types of predictions for matches which are scheduled in the near future. These predictions are:

7M Prediction For Today’s Matches:

These predictions are related to matches that are scheduled to take place today. While most punters like to spend predictions a few days in advance, getting predictions on the same day as the match, actually gives punter less time to contemplate.
These predictions from tipster websites like, 7m are also more accurate since they are given out on the day of the match and are made taking into account all the latest happenings related to the teams playing the match.

7M Score For Today:

This is also similar to making same-day predictions made by tipsters like 7mcn, but with one difference. While predictions are given to punters before the start of the match so that they can bet before the match starts, livescore predictions are given to punters wanting to take part in live score betting wherein wagers are placed during the whole duration of the play. Most tipster websites like7m.tips tens to maintain a dedicated team for catering to live score betting.

7M Prediction For Tomorrow:

These predictions are given out to punters for matches scheduled the next day. Since the punter has ample time after getting the predictions, he should utilize it well and understand the explanations given for each of the predictions made. These predictions, made available from tipster websites like7mcn, also need to be corroborated with the facts present with the punters. Gut feeling also has an important role to play both in deciding which sure bet to place a wager on and the correct moment for placing the bet.

7msports weekend prediction:

Most of the important soccer leagues taking place around the world tend to schedule their matches on weekends. This draws the maximum crowd by way of a live audience and also the global audience watching the match from the comforts of their homes. Thus punters wanting to win big in the weekend matches of leagues like the EPL, UEFA, La Liga etc., need to be spot on with both the predictions that they get from websites like 7m.cn and the wagers that they put a stake on.


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